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Why 'Remember. Stay Connected?' Because when we fail to remember, we fail to connect with the place or person or event which that memory was about.


Charles Fernyhough puts it beautifully in his book 'Pieces of Light': "In memory, more than in any other aspect of human experience, narrative seems to be the appropriate medium. The best memory research tries to do justice to the subjective experience as well as to the cognitive and neuroscientific mechanisms; to the stories, and what they mean to the person."


Below is a collection of memories from various contributors who have graciously shared a memory from their lives. Through their recollection, we are able to connect with them and their memories.

Walk Off The Earth

What happens when you become an overnight sensation after your song cover gets over 120 million views in 4 months and you're featured on The Ellen Show? Check out as Sarah, Gianni and Marshall share the band's most defining memory. 

Raisin Monday

What does it mean to have an 'Academic Family' and take part in the 'Foam Fight?' Follow Hayleigh Edson and Daniel Myers as they prepare their academic children for a spectacular St Andrews tradition - Raisin Monday.

Susan Morrison

Have you experienced a moment of clarity when you just knew what you wanted to be? Stand-up Comedian Susan Morrison share a memory from her childhood of an event that would define what she would go on to do. (Stand Comedy Club, Edinburgh)

Dan Travers

What moment defines you, both personally and professionally? Commonwealth Gold Medalist Dan Travers shares a memory from his stint as National Badminton Team Coach when he led the Scottish Team to a Bronze Medal at the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

Bruce Lee Mani

Have you had a good samaritan leave a lasting impression on your life? Recorded at TAAQADEMY Music School (Bangalore), Indian Rock Icon and TAAQ frontman, Bruce Lee Mani shares how a complete stranger shaped some of the music he would write. 

Rodolphe Strauss

How far have you gone to test the power of human collaboration? Co-founder of The Sharing Bros, Rodolphe Strauss, shares an unbelievable memory from the time they covered the American continent using just the collaborative economy. (Paris, France)

Fr. Eric Rodrigues C.Ss.R

What would you do to get comfort and peace when you find yourself in a tight situation? Fr. Rodrigues recalls a time he feared for his life and a prayer that helped him through it all. This was recorded at Mount St. Alphonsus Seminary, Bangalore.


Dr. Leela Chacko

Do you have a particular creepy-crawly that still creeps you out? Here my Grand Aunt (aged 88) shares a memory of the time she was confronted by a leech while hunting in the forest with her father. This was recorded at Dr. Chacko's home at Anchorage, Aluva.

Mr. K George Verghis

How far would you go for the opportunity to serve your country? Here is an inspiring and humourous memory from my grandfather (aged 88) of the time he was accepted into the Indian Army. This was recorded at home on his recent visit to Bangalore from Singapore.


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